The Club provides a library available to members for a one time fee of only $5
Librarian: Tynowyn Slattery
The Nevada County Beekeepers Association library is located in the foyer of the building. 
Our Librarian is usually available before and after meetings to help club members find both children and adult books, DVD s and videos on beekeeping. Stop by and browse the library!
You can always mail returned books to:
Tynowyn Slattery
20493 Rome Road Nevada City, CA 95959
Send Email to Tynowyn

Library Inventory as of October 2014

ABC & XYZ of Bee Culture    Root
All About Bees, Bee Keeping & Honey    
Almond  Pollination Handbook   (2)   Joe Traynor
American Honey Plants   Frank C. Pellett
Apiculture for the 21st Century   Roger Hoopengarner and Lawrence J. Connor
Art and Adventure of Beekeeping (2) Aebi
Autobiography of A.I. Root, The     Root
Backyard Beekeeping   William S. Scott
Bad Beekeeping   R. Miksha
Bee Hive Product Bible, A     Royden Brown
Bee Hive Products Bible       Avery
Bee Hunter, The (pamphlet)    Edgell
Bees    Rudolf Steiner
Bees in America    T. Horn
Begin to Keep Bees   Carrier
Beginning With Bees   (booklet) (3) A.B.C.
Beekeeper's Handbook    Sammataro & Avitable
Beekeeping: A Complete Owner's Manual   Melzer
Beekeeping at Buckfast Abbey   Brother Adam
Beekeeping For Dummies (2)  Blackiston
Beekeeping in California  #21422  University of California Division of Agriculture
Beekeeping in the Mid West   Jay Cox
Beekeeping in the United States   Agricultural Handbook #335, US Dept. Agriculture
Beekeeping Tips and Topics   Elbert R. Jaycox
Bee Pollen   Lyngheim & Scagnetti
Bee Sex Essentials   Lawrence John Conner
Beeswax   Cogshall and Morse
Beeswax Crafting   Berthold Jr.
Beeswax Crafts   Search Press
Biology of the Honeybee, The    Winston   
Buzzing a Hive; Teacher's Guide   Jean C. Echols
Buzzy the Bumble Bee     Brennan-Nelson & Monroe
California Flora Supplement   Munz
Comb Honey Book, The   Taylor
Confessions of the Killer Bee Guy   Reed Booth
Complete Guide to Bee Keeping   Morse
Complete Mead Maker, The   
Decorating Eggs   Jane Pollak
Encaustic Art   Lissa Rankin
First Lessons in Beekeeping  (2)  Dadant
First Lessons in Beekeeping   Keith De La Plane
Following The Bloom    Whynot
Guide to Bees and Honey   Ted Hooper
Guide to Insects, Simon Schuster's,  Arnett Jr. and Jacques Jr.
Guide to Observing Insect Lives, A   Donald W. Stokes
Handbook on Beekeeping in California #15   University of California Agricultural Dept.
Health and the Honeybee     Mraz
Health From The Hive, Carlson Wade
Hibernation Diet, The   Mike and Stuart Stanfield
Hive, The   Bee Wilson
Hive and the Honey Bee, The   Dadant
Hive and the Honeybee Revisited , The   Roger Hoopingarner PhD
Honeybees and Beekeeping   DeLaPlane
Honey Bee Democracy   Thomas D. Seeley
Honeybee Parasites, Pests, Predators, and Diseases   Penn State University  pamphlet
Honey Plants   Lovell and Goltz
“How-To-Do-It”, Book of Beekeeping, The    Richard Taylor
How to Live the Millenium: The Bee Pollen Bible    Brow
Humblebee, Bumblebee   Brian L. Griffin
Incomparable Honey Bee and the Economics of Pollination, The   Dr. Reese Halter
Increase Essentials   Lawrence J. Connor
Keeping Bees   Vivian
Killer Bees   Mark L. Winston
Letters From the Hive   Stephan Buchmann and Banning Repplier
Life of the Bee   Materlinck  (2)
Making Natural Milk Soap   Casey Makela
Monk and The Honey Bee, The    Buckfast Abbey
Natural Beekeeping    Ross Conrad
Natural Soap Book, The   Susan Miller Cavitch
New Comb Honey Book, The   Taylor
Pesticide Conspiracy, The   Robert Van Den Bosch
Pheromones of Social Bees   Cornell University
Pollen: Development & Physiology   Heslop-Harrison
Practical Bee Keeper, The    Bush
Practical Bee Keeping   Tompkins & Griffiths
Practical Queen Rearing   Frank C. Pellett
Propolis Power Plus   Carlson Wade and Joan A. Friedrich PhD
Queen Must Die, The  R.  Longgood
Rearing Queen Honey Bees    Roger A. Morse
Robbing the Bees   Holly Bishop
Royal Jelly  (2)  Stein
Sacred Bee in Ancient Times and Folklore, The   Hilda Ransom
Shamanic Way of the Bee, The   
Shrubs for Coast Counties in California   University of California pamphlet
Sierra Nevada Wildflowers   Elizabeth L. Horn
Spring Without Bees, A   Michael Shacker
Starting Right With Bees    Bee Culture
Successful Queen Rearing   
Super Formulas   White
What You Should Know About Honey   Walter L. Gojmerac
Years Work in an Out Apiary, A     Doolittle

Backyard Hive
Getting Started in Beekeeping With the Top Bar Hive
Monk and The Honeybee, The   Brother Adam
Tales From the Hive
Queen of the Sun, The    Collective Eye
Quest for Local Honey, The   Meadows and Winders   
Bear Fence    Randy Oliver   (2)
Bee Venom Therapy for MS
Finding the Queen When You Must   James E. Tew
Honey Bees and Beekeeping   
Honey in the Comb   Gene Killion
The Honey Files-A Bee's Life    National Honey Board
Instrumental Insemination of Honeybee Queens   Susan Cobey
Living With Africanized Bees   (2)
Requeening and Colony Division Made Easy
Safely Removing Wild Honeybee Colonies
School Demonstrations    Randy Oliver
Small Scale Honey Harvesting   Bee Culture Magazine
Successful Queen Rearing   University of Minnesota Extension
Varroa Mites-Detection, Life Cycle, & Control   Penn State  
Why Honey Bees?    Penn State University