The Nevada County Beekeepers Association is a diverse group of professionals and hobbyist, men and women, young and old, with a keen interest in promoting the well being of honey bees and their habitat while enjoying their amazing benefits. The NCBA strives to promote education on beekeeping and agriculture by providing the latest news and techniques in these fields. 

The club members meet once a month on the first Monday at 7pm and visitors are always welcome. All meetings are held in the Veterans Memorial Building at 255 South Auburn Street, Grass Valley, CA. Entrance is off the back parking lot, in Grass Valley at 7pm.  The August meeting is always moved to the County Fair Grounds with a fair booth clean up following by a barbeque social. 

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Join our lively question and answer session starting promptly at 7pm followed by refreshments, brief business discussion, raffle and a great program.

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President's Message - September

Well, what an “interesting” year. Most people I have talked to are seeing a very poor honey harvest. For the first time ever I am harvesting no honey at all from my home apiary. I did have a few frames marked for harvest, but the honey was eaten during the week of the Jones Bar fire. The star thistle is blooming and I hope the bees can get enough nectar to rebuild their stores. I am planning on feeding most of my colonies for the remainder of the month. Count yourself among the lucky if you are getting a honey harvest this year.

You should be seeing a lot of yellow pollen coming in from the star thistle right now. If your colonies pollen stores are low, you can supplement them by feeding pollen substitute. This can be purchased in wet or dry from from A to Z. If feeding wet pollen, place the pollen patty above the brood nest.

Nutrition is key to a strong, healthy hive.

Happy Beekeeping!

Pura Vida life - relax and enjoy!
Amy Hustead

Bee Bits - September

What a bummer to have the Fair canceled. I’ve been deeply involved in setting up and running the bee booth since we built it in 1980. The Fair was our annual chance to all get together as a community, something that we could have used in these divisive times. But it was a wise decision to cancel, since we’ve now seen how much virus transmission takes place at such events. Our county is still only beginning to experience the epidemic, and it will likely be a long time before we reach the herd immunity necessary to slow down transmission.

We went into August with low expectations, due to the poor nectar flows earlier in the season. The ground was dry, and the late-blooming yellow star thistle appeared to be struggling. We set up 144 hives for a comparative trial of the pollen subs on the market, assuming that they wouldn’t be seeing much natural pollen and nectar coming in.

As it turns out, in mid August, when the temperature started hitting the mid 90s...

...see full article and photos in the current Newsletter

Happy beekeeping!

Randy Oliver
Grass Valley, CA